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Greggory Schaffer

Greggory Schaffer, a South Carolina native since birth in 1966, is a contemporary, multi-disciplined artist who specializes in making small sculptural book forms, carved miniatures, and jewelry. Greggory’s interests include visual storytelling with a focus on the Norse and Celtic myths. He has also developed a deep love for the word of God, which J.R.R. Tolkien described to C.S. Lewis as the greatest myth of all because it is true (Cothran). During his research, Greggory found powerful connections between nature and God’s word and creation and the juxtaposition of how mythology attempted to explain the natural world. Celtic iconography, both pagan and Christian, blends these themes of nature, mythology, and theology as they all share iconography. These elements are woven into his artwork as Greggory explores various themes and concepts of Celtic iconography, both pagan and Christian.

While Greggory was a sophomore in high school, he had an opportunity to study at the Fine Arts Center in Greenville, SC. This is where he first learned bookbinding skills that would prove to be valuable. In 1993, Greggory began his pursuit of an undergraduate degree at Charleston Southern University. After transferring to the College of Charleston in 1994, he resumed his studies with a focus on the university's painting and printmaking curriculum. Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in 1998, Greggory moved to the upstate of South Carolina. Within a year, he held his first solo show at Saint George’s Episcopal Church and participated in the Spartanburg Art Walk in 2017 and 2018.

Greggory married his wife, Valerie, in 1999 and started an art‐based business called Wooden Celts Creations, which offered wooden croziers and high relief wood carvings. This work intensified his love of Norse and Celtic art. Following his passion, he studied the culture, folklore, and mythology of the ancient Celts and Scandinavians. Greggory's goal is to develop and refine his craftsmanship and become as skilled as the craftsmen who created the Waterloo Bridge Helmet or Book of Kells.

Greggory aims to encompass similar knowledge and skill of ancient craftsmen in the mythology and iconography of their culture, as well as the early church's theology and later reformation. On the other hand, his ultimate destination is to blend (or shape) the knowledge, ideas and influences into miniature carvings, diptychs, triptychs, and jewelry. In order to continue his journey of learning and skill development, Greggory is enrolled in the Jewelry and Metal Arts (JEM) program at the Academy of Art University, where he is currently pursuing his master’s degree.